About the Artist


If you count all the languages learned and lost in Violet Harlo’s family’s discourse, English is the seventh language. So it is perhaps no surprise that Violet combines a range of artistic languages including spoken word, movement, kinetic sculpture, visual tableaux, soundscapes, and three-dimensional mapping to create multi-sensory experiences for audience members. Harlo’s artwork explores the dynamic and intersectional relationships between language/languagelessness, disabilities/super abilities, non-binary/gender-fluid identities, and the creative process/neuroplasticity.

Since 1990, Harlo has performed and exhibited artwork at 80 theaters and art spaces in over 42 cities in the United States, Canada and Scotland. International venues include Banff Centre of the Arts in Canada and Centre for Contemporary Art and Arches Theatre in Glasgow. National venues include PS122, PS1 and MOMA in New York, Diverse Works in Houston, LACE and Highways in Los Angeles. Local venues include Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and Southern Exposure in San Francisco, Pro Arts, Berkeley Art Museum and Marsh Theatre in the East Bay, Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin, and Montalvo Arts Center in the South Bay.  For a list of venues, view Violet Harlo’s information packet.

In addition to solo stage work, Violet creates staged sound performance. Harlo also creates site-specific performance in unusual environments. In addition, Violet has taught as a visiting artist at 20 universities and 17 K-12 schools over the past 25 years. Passionate about the arts, Harlo has served on the board of the National Performance Network, as well as participated in a wide range of art residencies, think tanks, fellowships, and collectives to support the national and international advancement of the arts and teaching artistry. Violet is currently working on a book about transdisciplinary performance.

Below is a 1 minute slideshow of 20+ years of Violet’s art: