Since Violet Harlo was 13 years old, Harlo has lived with chronic physical pain. Early on, art was one of the things that brought joy in spite of the pain. At 17, Violet was misdiagnosed with a terminal illness and told they would not likely live beyond 21.  Although it was a mistake, the experience underscored that nothing is guaranteed in life and galvanized Harlo to go to art school.

Violet began by making sculpture but very soon began to perform with sculptures and create installations, videos, and performative paintings.  In the process, Violet discovered that art has the power to not only bring joy and wonder but also be the catalyst for deep thinking and transformation.  Since 1990, Harlo has been dedicated to creating art in its many forms and bringing it to venues of thinking and change including universities, theatres, art centers, schools, museums, hospitals, homeless shelters, and migrant camps.  View Violet Harlo’s information packet for more information.

As a child, Violet wanted to grow up to create magic, make something from nothing, and be part of something extraordinary.  So it is no accident, that every day, Violet does exactly that.

Violet’s artwork is composed of three bodies of work:

Staged Performance most often staged in theatres using a combination of sculptural props and costumes as well as sound and video projection

Sound Performance investigating the intriguing space where sound and performance meet

Site-Specific Performance created in visually charged environments to explore the relationship between site and story

Violet Harlo Retrospective: 20+ Years of Art in 60 Seconds