Site-Specific Performance

Violet Harlo creates site-specific performance in unusual environments such as a dry creek bed in St. Louis, MO, a farm hayloft in upstate New York, a 1904 military base gym in California, and a theatre carved out of an underground train yard in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Reversicon Project

Harlo’s largest site-specific project is an ongoing piece begun in 2006 called The Reversicon. Harlo started the project while in residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts as a way to performatively engage with the fascinating buildings and environs of the historic Fort Barry. Over time the project has expanded to 51 sites in 14 regional areas across the country and involved two dozen collaborators.

Traditionally, a reversicon is a “reversed” dictionary that lists entries by definition rather than word. This trajectory guides you from meaning to the desired word as opposed to the conventional format of word to meaning. In keeping with the dictionary structure, each performance piece is called an “entry” and is designated by date and location.  There are currently 65 entries in The Reversicon.

Entry #100111a: [SugarSilo] Burnt Sugar/Sugar(Free)

Entry #100111b: [SugarCircle] Burnt Sugar/Sugar(Free)

Entry #082809: Fort Barry 3 Sisters Cistern

Entry #091910: Fort Barry 945 Studio 7

Entry #092410: Fort Barry Battery Spencer

Entry #092610: Fort Barry Battery Yates