Sound Performance


Since 1988, Violet Harlo has created artwork at the intersection of performance and sound in a range of explorations and collaborations including creating soundtracks for live performance and video, performing vocal and instrumental sound for live performance, and collaborating with musicians and visual artists to create live sound performance.

Violet has worked together with Ron Coulter as the duo REDVIXA. Their work explored the space that encompasses sound performance, where the mediums are inseparable, rather than where sound and performance simply overlap or interact. Soundperformance as created by REDVIXA manifested as a multi-sensory experience of visual (seeing) sound, textural (feeling) sound, and the sound of sound.

REDVIXA: “Breathe – Tornado Season”

REDVIXA: “Breathe – I Am a Tornado”

REDVIXA: “Breathe – Conch Pot Lids”

REDVIXA: “Breathe”