Deep Play Workshop at Expressive Arts Institute in San Diego

Date: 10:30 am – 1:00 pm on Saturday, November 17, 2012
Cost: $25
Where: Expressive Arts Institute 2820 Roosevelt Rd., Suite 204, San Diego, CA, 92106

Join Us To:

  • Blur the boundaries between art mediums by combining drawing, movement and sound in fun, new ways
  • Play with objects that transform into story props with star power
  • Use a unique form of mapping to help access information about pivotal moments in your life
  • Witness short performances about transformation and healing through art performed by Violet Juno using “charismatic props”

Take Away:

  • A quiver of new techniques and tools to use in your life and work
  • Discoveries about yourself, your art and your life
  • Ideas to inspire new explorations using drawing, writing, movement, and theatre
  • The joy, calm, and sense of community that comes from deep play!

Join us for this magical workshop!

  • It will be even better, if you are with us!
  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring your imagination!
  • Sign up by emailing Judith Greer Essex at
  • Minimum 8 students / Maximum 16 students

About Violet Juno:

As a multidisciplinary artist and educator since 1990, Juno has guest lectured at 16 universities and performed at 70 venues in over 30 cities in the United States, Canada, and Scotland. Juno’s performance incorporates props, soundscapes, costumes, video projection, and a three-dimensional form of cognitive mapping.  Juno seeks to create a multi-sensory experience so the artwork is not just what is happening on stage but also what audience members conjure in their minds to take with them when they leave. Based in Oakland, Juno has taught at a range of contexts including arts organizations, public schools, juvenile justice centers, migrant camps, homeless shelters, a tribal reservation school, and a safe house for orphans without papers. Wherever she teaches, her primary goal is always to encourage growth and healing through the transformative power of art.

About the Expressive Arts Institute:
The Expressive Arts Institute’s mission is community leadership through the arts.  We beileve that the arts are critical in times of crisis and social upheaval, as they represent a role for imagination in solving the challenges of our time.  More information at the Expressive Arts Institute web site.

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