Fabric of Universe at NCA 2014 – Nov. 22, 2014

Sat, 11/22: 12:30 PM  – 1:45 PM
Hilton Chicago, Room: Waldorf – 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL
Violet Juno’s new performance, Fabric of the Universe, is a carefully crafted love letter to performance. It focuses on the beautiful and unexpected transformations that happen when art meets the unknown on the stage. It is also a meta-performance or a performance about performance. At the heart of it, this performance brings to life a set of relationships-between the audience and the performer, word and vision, the stage and the real world, and praxis and the history of performance. Fabric of the Universe celebrates the shape-shifting constellation of connections that make up the world of performance. For this staging of Fabric of the Universe, Juno makes full use of their training as a sculptor, using a range of wearable sculptures to transform the body shape-shifting through the performance. This presentation of Violet Juno’s performance Fabric of the Universe responds to the convention theme The Presence of our Past(s): NCA at 100 by honoring the history of performance studies while making visible how contemporary influences and current trends are carrying us into the future towards lights on the horizons that are intrinsically linked to the early beginnings of communication and performance. In particular, this piece looks at how the performative aspects of communication are present with us as they move fluidly from history to the present and from the street to the classroom to the theatre. Shape-shifting and genre-bending, Violet Juno is an transdisciplinary artist who weaves together storytelling, sound, embodied movement, wearable and kinetic sculpture, drawing, and mapping into live works of art. Juno seeks to create a multi-sensory experience so that the performance is not just what is happening on stage but also what audience members conjure in their minds of what they witness. Thus, a key part of the performance is what the audience takes with them when they leave. This presentation has a three-part structure which includes: a 35 minute performance of Fabric of the Universe, three short creative responses by the respondents, and a question and answer period for the audience. The goal of the creative response section by the respondents is to open the rich performative space immediately after a performance for creative engagement, exploration, and interpretation. The creative responses will be presented by Jade Huell, Bonny McDonald, and Tami Spry and will include performance, text, sound and improvisation and will respond directly to the performance Fabric of the Universe while also bringing in aspects of related individual performance material of the respondents. These responses are expressions both literally and conceptually of what the respondents “make” of the performance and also what they are taking away with them as audience members. All four performances in succession will create a layered and unique performance experience while exploring the performative relationship between performer and audience.

For more information view the Fabric of the Universe information packet. More information also at http://ww4.aievolution.com/nca1401/index.cfm?do=ev.viewEv&ev=4056

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