High Anxiety at NCA 2014 – Nov. 21, 2014

Friday, 11/21: 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM
Hilton Chicago, Room: Williford B – 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL

Violet Juno will perform “Stage Fright: High Anxiety on the Stage and in the Classroom” as part of the Past and Present Anxieties Panel during the National Communications Association 100th Anniversary Conference in Chicago, IL.  In this autoethnographic performance, Juno explores how the personal, interior state of mind intersects with the public contexts of stage and classroom through an exploration of a specific form of anxiety: stage fright. Juno draws on her 20 years of stage and classroom experience to share theories she has developed about the role stage fright plays in preparing to teach and approaching the stage as well as how it impacts the performer/audience dynamic and the teacher/student relationship. She also shares how her strategies for dealing with the anxiety of stage fright have changed over time, and how she works with students who are nearly always nervous about performing or presenting their work in class. More information at http://ww4.aievolution.com/nca1401/index.cfm?do=ev.viewEv&ev=3794.



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